SPOKE offers smart bicycle insurance – the most comprehensive bicycle insurance at the most competitive rates across the USA. SPOKE roadside service and our SPOKE claims team is second to none.



Mountain Bicycle Insurance


Mountain Bike Insurance from SPOKE for the times you ride single track solo or with a group of friends. SPOKE has you covered for your cross country or downhill off road adventures. However you choose to ride, SPOKE Bicycle Insurance will ensure that, should you go over the handle bars, strike a boulder or go down on loose gravel, your damaged bike will be repaired or replaced. Worried about your bike being stolen while having your post-refreshment, dinner? We cover that too.


Commuter Bicycle Insurance


Urban Metro Cyclists are fast becoming a dominant presence on our roads. With ongoing development and improvements in bicycle infrastructure, commuter cyclists are taking to the streets to improve their quality of life, improve health and fitness, beating traffic congestion, receiving employer incentives and reducing their car use. SPOKE bicycle insurance can also give you peace of mind when worried about damage , theft , liability or even uninsured motorist protection.

Electric Bicycle Insurance


SPOKE Bicycle Insurance was the  first in the USA to identify and provide insurance coverage for E-bikes. Often, traditional homeowners and renters policies do not cover E-bikes, leaving riders without protection for themselves and their bikes. E-bike manufacturers are rapidly improving technologies which have resulted in E bikes being the fastest  growing category in the bicycle industry and Spoke Bicycle Insurance wants to help these riders get their bikes protected.


Road Bicycle Insurance


Whether you are a full on racing enthusiast or a weekend warrior riding with friends we want you to know that you and your road bicycle are safe when out on the open road. Spoke covers your bike at home or away from home and we also can cover your spare parts stolen from your car. Our customer service reps are here to tailor a program that meets your needs.

Triathlon Bicycle Insurance


Tri bikes are more than just a bike they are an integral part of your triathlon passion. Triathletes spend a lot of time training on the open roads preparing for an event. That can lead to unforeseen accidents resulting in damage to your  bike and / or injury to you. There is also concern where Tri bikes can be stolen in transition areas at these events and without the right coverage, not only is your day ruined but your current insurer may not cover the loss. So …..Get SPOKE and be covered!


Bicycle Roadside Assistance


If you find yourself with a disabled bike – we’ll come pick you up. SPOKE Roadside takes away a lot of the hassle when a rider can’t get home. With a network of over 10,000 tow truck companies across the USA, SPOKE will pick you up and take you to where you need to be within the a 35 mile coverage zone up to 5 times a year. Be assured that Spoke Roadside will get you back safely.

Officially endorsed by the Peoples Oldest Bicycle Advocacy since 1880 The League of American Bicyclists and the Light Electric Vehicle Association.


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